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Ministry of Education School Projects

Current Projects

  • TBHS Classroom Upgrade: TCL are currently completing the upgrade of internal classrooms within four separate buildings. The works include upgrading of internal fittings and services including wall and ceiling linings, wall and floor coverings, lighting, heating, data, plus additional works in Howell Block to remove internal walls to create open connection to adjacent classrooms with glass sliding doors.


Recently Completed Projects:

  • Pleasant Point Primary School: Administration and classroom refurbishment, including accessibility to classrooms.

  • St Andrews Primary School: Upgrade of existing classrooms, library, cloakroom, breakout and universal bathroom. Deck extension for outdoor learning space and exterior painting.


Past Projects

  • TBHS Hostel – Thomas House Redevelopment (2019)

  • St Joes TKA – Classroom Modifications (2019)

  • Carew School – New Classrooms and Alterations to Existing Classrooms (2017), Addition and Alterations to Block 1 and Toilet Block Refurbishment (2016/17)

  • Geraldine High School – Science Lab Upgrade (2017)

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