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St Mary's Church - Pleasant Point
Gold Award Winner 2024

The new design of St Mary's Church pays homage to its original form, after it was destroyed by the Christchurch earthquakes. The new structure successfully echoes the former through recycled timber and salvaged interior elements.

This project, unique for its small, close-knit community setting, demanded special attention to detail, especially when working at high elevations on the church's steep roof. The new church stands as a testament to resilience, community involvement, and the ability to overcome logistical and technical challenges in construction.

St Mary's Church - Pleasant Point

"Congratulations of winning the Gold Award in the recent Master Builder Awards.

I had the privilege of opening the Church soon after arriving in the Diocese. It does not surprise me to see your team being celebrated for the excellence of your project. As a priest who has served in Churches all over the world, most notably in Rome, I have formed a somewhat critical eye for form and beauty in Churches. In saying this, from the time I first saw Pleasant Point, I was captivated by the simplicity and elegance of the church. I have since returned to celebrate a Mass for all the teachers of the region, where I was further able to enjoy the excellent acoustic quality of the building. Not only is it beautiful it is functional as well"

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